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Archiving Practices of Performances 

Intricacies and importance of documenting Performance  

A subject that is as engrossing as it is intensive, get your cuppa and join us as our eminent panel of speakers dissect the topic of the Archiving Practices of Performances in the second Conversation over Coffee

Saturday, 19 Feb 2022 | 5:00 p.m.

What's going on ?

The evening begins with Ismaël Dia, director of the archives of Pina Bausch Foundation and his colleague Julian Klotz sharing their insights on a range of subjects including the vision behind the seminal Pina Bausch Digital Archive, the need for such an exhaustive archive, and the technical aspects and approaches of archiving among others. This will be followed by a conversation between archivist Venkat Srinivasan, Ismaël Dia and Julian Klotz on various aspects of archiving. 


Next, eminent Koodiyattam and Nangiarkoothu performer Usha Nangiar will delve into the work that she has put into reviving and documenting these niche traditional theatre art forms.

The event will be moderated by Prof. Sundar Sarukkai with Prof. Urmimala Sarkar Munsi and Jayachandran Palazhy taking part as discussants. There will be a Q&A with the panelists and viewers for half an hour at the end of the sessions.

Curious already? Register to participate in the conference at Rangamandala at Attakkalari (20 seats only) or online.   

Seems Interesting ?

It is !

Meet the speakers

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