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Future of Performance

Conversations over Coffee

Spend an illuminating evening listening in to experts in the fields of contemporary dance, movement arts, theatre, and philosophy 

Saturday,5th Feb 2022 | 5:00 p.m. 

Venue: Rangamandala, Attakkalari / Online via Zoom

Gather over coffee for this conversation that takes a deep dive into the subject of Future of Performance.
With the pandemic drastically changing the way the arts are staged and experienced, there are quite a few questions to be deliberated upon about where the performing arts go from here. What new forms will the performing arts take in the coming months and years? How will emerging technologies like AI and VR affect changes in this space?  Will larger issues like the environment and climate change impact the arts? Moderated by Sundar Sarrukkai, the esteemed panel will explore and examine diverse thoughts and practices related to the theme. 

There are 20 seats available for guests to attend the conference in Rangamandala at Attakkalari. Register to participate.

About the speakers: 

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Dr Sandra Noeth

Dr Sandra Noeth is a professor at the HZT-Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin since 2018 and works internationally as a curator and dramaturge in institutional and independent contexts. Her work focuses on ethical and political issues in the context of body practice and theory. Her PhD at the University of Hamburg explored experiences of borders and of collectivity through artistic works from Lebanon and Palestine. Her published work includes Bodies of Evidence: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Politics of Movement (2018, edited with Gurur Ertem, Passagen); SCORES (2010-2016, edited with Tanzquartier Wien); Resilient Bodies, Residual Effects: Artistic Articulations of Borders and Collectivity from Lebanon and Palestine (2019, transcript). 

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Sundar Sarukkai

Sundar Sarukkai is the founder of Barefoot Philosophers ( and has authored many books on philosophy. His latest book is Philosophy for Children: Thinking, Reading, Writing and it is published in English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Bengali.


Dr Urmimala Sarkar Munsi

A faculty at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her specialization is in Critical Dance Studies, Visual Anthropology & Ethnographic research. She is a dancer/choreographer trained at the Uday Shankar India Culture Centre. Her current work is on Changing landscapes of dance in India, Sex-trafficking and survival processes; Performance of identity and citizenship in times of globalisation and crisis in democracy; Resisting neo-colonization in writing dance. Her most recent publications include: Dancing Modernity: Uday Shankar and his Transcultural Experimentations, Palgrave (March 2022), Alice Boner Across Geographies and Arts, Alice Boner Series 3, Rietberg Museum, Zurich (2021), and a chapter, “Being Rama: Playing a God in the Changing Times” in the Paula Richman and Rustom Bharucha-edited Performing the Ramayana Tradition: Enactments, Interpretations, and Arguments

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Preethi Athreya

Trained in classical Indian dance and did  her postgraduate degree in Dance Studies from Laban Centre in London. Keenly conscious of her need to not be defined as the exotic other, she chose to continue her journey in her native Chennai. Working within the Indian contemporary dance scene as a performer, choreographer and facilitator, Preethi has been engaged in creating a personal movement language that reflects her relationship with her context, being at the same time open to new ways in how we may relate to the body. She has choreographed, performed and produced 13 collaborative works since 2003, the latest being And Indeed There Will be Time (film, 2020), BIRD (2021) and SALT (film, 2021).  Preethi is the founder of CHARCOAL – a platform for artistic collaborations, and  co-founder of Basement 21, a practice-based performance collective in Chennai.


Nicole Seiler

Born in 1970 in Zurich, Nicole Seiler studied dance and theater at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Verscio (CH), the Vlaamse Dansacadamie in Bruges (BE) and at Rudra Béjart in Lausanne (CH). As a performer she collaborated in the creation of numerous works with companies such as Cie Buissonnière (Philippe Lizon), le Teatro Malandro (Omar Porras), Allias Compagnie (Guilherme Botelho), Cie Philippe Saire, Massimo Furlan as well as other companies abroad.

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Jayachandran Palazhy

Jayanchandran Palazhy, founder and artistic director of Attakkalari Centre of Movement Arts is an internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer at the forefront of the contemporary Indian movement arts scene. As an innovative choreographer, Jayachandran’s collaborations with international artists has resulted in exciting multimedia dance productions that have toured extensively in India and abroad.  

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