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Garry Stewart/Australian Dance Theatre

Garry Stewart's Works

Catch the screening of highly-acclaimed film on dance - The Circadian Cycle, directed by Garry Stewart, Australian choreographer and former artistic director of Australian Dance Theatre, Adelaide.

His choreographed works South and Supernature will also be shared with the audience, followed by a conversation/ discussion.


The Circadian Cycle

Winner of Best Experimental Film at the Brooklyn Film Festival in 2020. The short film, directed by Garry Stewart with cinematography by Cordelia Beresford uses the dancing body as a metaphor to examine morphology, biological rhythm and animal behaviour.  

Using the dancing body as a metaphor, The Circadian Cycle examines morphology, biological rhythm and animal behaviour. The short film charts a day from sunrise to evening, moving through cycles of nature, from nascence and awakening to predation and death. Conceived and directed by Garry Stewart with cinematography from renowned director and filmmaker Cordelia Beresford, The Circadian Cycle was filmed within the stunning South Australian landscape.

Password : ADTTCC

Garry Stewart and the dancers of Australian Dance Theatre
Cinematographer:  Cordelia Beresford  Editor: Mark Bennett 
Producers:  Garry Stewart & Eira Swaine, Australian Dance Theatre
Composer: Brendan Woithe  Vocals: Sarah Belkner
Sound Design and Mix: Declan Diacono & Brendan Woithe at KLANG
Drone operator and assistant to the Cinematographer:  Jared Nicholson
Colourist: Andrew Clarkson  Flame Artist: Heather Galvin  Conform and Titles: Danny Phillips
Production Coordinator: Katrina Lucas  Rehearsal Director: Sarah-Jayne Howard
Design Consultant & Construction: Wendy Todd  
Costume Construction: Tamara Wheeler & Emma Brockliss  Costume Design & Construction: Davis Browne Design, Georg Meyer-Wiel, Wendy Todd
Prop Construction:  Marshall Tearle  Production Assistants: Madison Thomas & Lucie Balsamo
Makeup:  Zoë Dunwoodie & Thomas Fonua Runner: Raphael Rivera
Dancers:  Jana Castillo, Zoë Dunwoodie, Harrison Elliott, Thomas Fonua, Christopher Mills, Gabrielle Nankivell, Matte Roffe, Rowan Rossi & Kimball Wong
Thanks to David Gregan and Picture Hire Australia

The Circadian Cycle has been produced by Australian Dance Theatre and was made possible by the generous support of Adelaide Airport, Adelaide Festival Centre and the South Australian Film Commission.
The Circadian Cycle was filmed on location in South Australia at: Flinders Chase National Park, Lake Bumbunga, Lake Gairdner, Maslin Beach, Mount Lofty Botanic Garden and Mount Remarkable National Park. Australian Dance Theatre and the Producers of The Circadian Cycle acknowledge that filming took place on the Traditional Lands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. We respect and recognise their Elders past, present and future and the ongoing custodianship of the land and water by all members of these communities.

_South_Piccredit_DanielBoud 1200x600px.jpg


An intense yet meditative and deeply moving reflection on the treacherous journey across the wilds of eastern Antarctica undertaken by South Australian explorer
Sir Douglas Mawson and his ill-fated team in 1913. The award-winning film depicts Mawson’s perilous voyage as an allegory for our current predicament in an era of rapid global warming.

Note: South contains nudity and is recommended for audiences 14+

Choreographer:  Garry Stewart 

Dramaturgy: Ruth Little

Composer: Brendan Woithe 

Lighting Designer: Damien Cooper

Designer: Wendy Todd
Performed by: Members of the ADT Ensemble

Password : south21
_South_Piccredit_DanielBoud 1200x600px.jpg



The dance film references ideas on transhumanism as a springboard into new mythologies on the potential future of our species. In this work, Garry Stewart decentres the stability of the Vitruvian man and our understanding of what is meant by the term ‘human’ by collapsing the divide between the anthropomorphic and zoomorphic. In the age of the Anthropocene, Supernature manifests as a surreal and awe-inspiring depiction of the relationship between humans and the natural world.

Choreographer:  Garry Stewart 

Dramaturgy: Ruth Little

Composer: Brendan Woithe  Lighting

Designer: Damien Cooper

Designer: Wendy Todd
Performed by: The Dancers of Australian Dance Theatre

Supernature was co-commissioned with the generous assistance of the Art Gallery of South Australia for the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, and was supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1, Jane McMahon, Nunn Dimos Foundation, Sarah Rohrsheim, and ADT’s Super Circle and Super Supporters. ADT also acknowledges the support of the Jacob’s Pillow residency programme, Pillow Lab, in the development of Supernature.

Password : super21
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