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Residency Showcase:

Interweave was a hybrid choreography residency programme supported by Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia that had diploma students from Attakkalari collaborating with Swiss choreographers on two different projects. While one had the artistes using motion capture technology and unity software to deconstruct movements and collate movement data the other involved exploring the hyper-digitalisation of our everyday lives. Attend this session to watch the eventual outcome of the Swiss-India collaborations.

Venue: Online 

6 Feb, Sunday, 2022 | 4 pm


A project by
Anna Anderegg, explores representation of the self and the surrounding environment in these hyper-digital times we live in.

In a world where digital connectedness is omnipresent, choreographer Anna Anderegg researches and reflects on hybrid movements: Movements that exist through physical coordination and digital manifestation, where the bodily state only exists through the interconnection of body and technology. In this new video work, she  she probes the following questions:


How does our presence shift from the physical environment to a digital space? 

How does it impact our bodies when we are permanently absent - in digital worlds? 

How can we physically connect to a body we have never encountered in "real life"?


Anna Anderegg – Direction, Performance

Shraddha Manapure - Performer

Vishnu Nambiar, Marco Barotti, Danilo Rasori – Cinematography

Marco Barotti – Sound Design

Milica Slacanin - Visual Adviser

Pauline Doutreluingne - Text

Priyanka Lokhande - Production Assistance

Who owns movements? 
Simon Senn raises questions and issues about a performer’s identity when their movements are mapped or recorded using new technology tools

By documenting movements through motion capture technology and exploring the data with real time game engine software, dancers and collaborators Simon Senn and Rohee Oberoi wander in the abyss of questions and issues raised by those new technology tools when they are in relation with identity in their piece. Who has ownership over movements? Who has authority over tangible and intangible cultural resources and assets? How do we make sense of the ideas of movement, body and creation through this combination of investigations happening using technology and in real time?


Anna Anderegg

Anna Anderegg studied dance in Bern, Montpellier and Berlin. She won the June Johnson Award (Swiss National Dance Prize) and received the German Kultur & Kreativpiloten Deutschland award in 2013. Anderegg’s work has been shown throughout Europe, as well as in Asia, Russia and the United States. In 2021, she created “Alone Together” for the Swiss Pavilion at the 13th Gwangju Biennale.


Simon Senn

Simon Senn lives in Geneva. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from HEAD (Haute école d’ art et de design) in Geneva and a Masters from Goldsmiths College in London. Simon Senn’s visual art is represented by Galerie Nicola Von Senger in Zurich, and his work L’hôtel des sapins is part of the Kunsthaus Zurich collection. He has exhibited at the Liverpool Biennial, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, and the Kunstmuseum Bern, and has won several prizes including the Swiss Performance Art Award, SwissArt Award, and the Kiefer Hablitzel Award.

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