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An award-winning contemporary dance production from Spain that brings together National Dance Award winners Daneil Abreu and Dácil González on stage !

May 20, 2022 | 07:30 | Inr 250/-

Bangalore international center | 16 +

Made possible by the support of Spanish Embassy, New Delhi, and the Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) under PICE grant.

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The play is a poetic proposal about knowing how to love oneself. Two characters on stage arepointing to an idea of polarity and a journey from death to love. The music accompanies the musician with its deep sound of the wind through metal pipes. La Desnudez (Nakedness) responds to this place of intimacy where answers are no longer to be found. The beauty of La Desnudez lies in what is there and what happens. At times it can be the sublimity of a hand caressing and exchanging heat and sweat, perhaps seeking a forbidden love. Or it can be the case of making love and sustaining it. Love is built and destroyed, as in the act of breathing. The dance is about what happens in each universe; it tries to devour as much as possible to regurgitate something new. And it is about two people who give in to the urge of stretching the ties whilst really wanting to keep them slack enough to be able to untie them quickly. La Desnudez is an act of death, or exhalation, about getting it all out to begin something new. At the same time, this work is about constructing something in the illusion that it is final. The play can be understood from the back to the front, where the journey and the sense of the sentimental attachment appear. The play goes from black to white, from a confined space to an open space.

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Direction, choreography & scenography: Daniel Abreu
Interpretation: Dácil González y Daniel Abreu
Musician (live): Hugo Portas
Music: Tarquinio Merula, Claudio Monteverdi, Gabriel Fauré y Henry Purcell 

Lighting design: Irene Cantero
Sculpture creation: David Benito
Costumes workshop: Angeles Marín
Technical coordination: David Benito
Production assistant: Teresa Rivera
Manager: Elena Santonja Esmanagement 

Coproducers: Teatros del Canal y Festival Danzatac.

Collaborators: Auditorio de Tenerife, Centro de Danza Canal y Teatro Victoria de Tenerife. 

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Founded in 2004, the Daniel Abreu Company is considered one of the most recognised on the Spanish stage. Daniel Abreu’s choreographic work is characterised by its simple performing language, the strength and personality of the dancers, the suggestive landscapes derived from the construction of magnificent oneiric and present-day images, and a sensitive sound experience. The various interpretations of the scenic images and the great poetic storytelling, characteristic of each work, prop up each of the performed creations in both solo and group format.

The Daniel Abreu team is made up of dancers devoted to the physical vocabulary and bodily communication. So far, the company has premiered more than fifty performances. The company has visited more than twenty countries in its regular tours around Europe, the Americas and Asia. Their popularity both with audiences and the specialized press has led to further support with an array of institutions such as the Ministry of Education, Culture and
Sports, the Cervantes Institute, and the Madrid Community.
In 2011, the Daniel Abreu Company started its participation in the European programme, Modul Dance, led by the Mercat de les Flors.

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Daniel Abreu, is a dancer and choreographer, native to the island of Tenerife, where he began his inquisitive study of bodily movement and scenic expression. Moreover, during his artistic studies he also obtained a degree in psychology, something which transpires onto the deliberate poetic symbolism of his choreographies. 


As a performer, he honed his dance skills in a variety of different dance companies and national dance or theatre organizations, and as a creator, he has amassed a wealth of experience from over fifty productions to date. These performances have been shown in many countries and their favourable reception by critics and audiences alike has led to various awards. As a result, Daniel Abreu has been one of the most renowned companies on the dance stage for years.

His company project emerged only in the year 2004, easy to forget given the sheer volume of creations and collaborations that have formed what we have come to
know as the Daniel Abreu Company. As a consequence of all this creative work, Daniel Abreu has been invited to hold various workshops and courses, in which he shares his creative vision and techniques of bodily expression.

In addition, he continues to work closely on other projects with creators such as Fattoria Vittadini, the Zagreb Dance Company, the Nomadas Company, Titoyaya Company, and the Zawirowania Theatre, amongst others. In 2011, he also became part of a prestigious group of artists in the European programme called Modul Dance.

Amongst the many awards received throughout his extensive career, the most important are the National Dance Prize 2014 for Creation, awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the Prize for Best Director at the Indi-Festival of Santander 2010, the Jury’s Award for Best Choreography at the XVIII Choreographic Contest in Madrid 2005, the AISGE Foundation for Outstanding Dancer, certificate for attendance of the American Dance Festival 2005, received under the auspices of the XVIII Choreographic Contest of Madrid 2005, and mentioning as Best Dancer at the IV Choreographic Contest of Maspalomas, 1999.  In 2015, he was awarded the title of “Favourite Son” by the Town Council of Matanza de Acentejo, Tenerife.

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Dácil González, is a dancer originally from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, trained in higher dance studies, and specialized in Choreography
and Performance Techniques in Dance. 

She has worked with the Company 10 & 10 Danza, the Staatstheater Darmstadt, Ai Do Project, La Piel Danza, the Teatro Els Visitants Company and the Company Arrieritos, to name just a few. 

After creating the A mi no me gusta hablar and Cuando digo una palabra jointly with Gustavo Martín, she founded the company LA. Otra Compañía in 2009, with Jesús Caramés and Gustavo Martín. 

She is a member of the Daniel Abreu Company since 2009.

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Hugo Portas, a native of Vigo in Galicia, is a graduate of performance from the Northwestern University in Chicago after being awarded a scholarship by the Caja Madrid Foundation’s programme for postgraduate training in the United States.

Currently, he combines his work as a tuba instructor at the Professional Music Conservatory in Huesca with playing in orchestras, symphonies, festivals, chamber music groups, and other educational or scenic arts projects for those interesting in learning more about different musical repertoires and languages. (Symphonic Orchestra of Navarra, Aldeburgh Music Festival, Quimera Brass, Keep in Touch Tuba Project, or the Matarile Theatre) Due to the influence of his masters Alfonso Mollá and Manuel Martínez as well as his interest in research, he is currently working on his doctoral thesis about Tuba Teachings in Spain at the University of Oviedo.

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Irene Cantero is a dancer, choreogrpaher and  lighting designer originally from Seville and based in Madrid. She obtained a degree in design for stages from the RESAD and dance in
the Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila.

In 2016 she received a scholarship in multidisciplinary research for the Academia de
España in Rome (Spanish Academy), and a scholarship for the Impulstanz Festival in 2013.

She has worked for Claudia Faci, De la Purissima, La Tristura, Michel Man, Pedro Berdäyes and Juan Carlos Corazza. she have been the assistan of Juan Gómez Cornejo in many projects.


She Works with Daniel Abreu Company since 2011 as a direction assistant and lighting designer.

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David Benito, has a bachelor in Art History and Fine Arts in Madrid. He works in theater, photography and art. He has been the technical director in the theater El Canto de la
Cabra in Madrid along two years. He also has collaborated as a lighting designer for many theater and dance companies such as Elena Córdoba, La Tristura, Vuelta de Tuerca, Montse Penela, Mónica García… He works as a technical coordinator with many companies such as El Canto de la Cabra company, Magrinyana, Lengua Blanca, Guindalera theater, Carlos Marquerie, Carlos Frenández, Daniel Abreu, Sonia Gómez and Angélica Liddell.

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