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7 JAn 2022 (fri & Sat)


Bangalore International Centre


 6.30 p.m. IST 


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Sthavara-Jangama is a site-specific multi-media promenade performance that  explores the amorphous relationships that us humans have with landscapes and built architectures that surround us. The piece also ties in Vachana poetry and explores the thoughts of Karnataka’s vachana poets and their quest for freedom from social norms.

Choreographer: Jayachandran Palazhy

Digital Arts: Christian Zeiglar

Consultant and advisor on literature & heritage: HS Shivaprakash
Text and dramaturgy: HS Shivaprakash
Music composers: MD Pallavi and Bindhumalini
Anchor: Vasanthi Hariprakash

Percussionist: Vishwa Bharath
Light Design: Shymon Chelad 
Costume Design: Aloka D’souza
Video Camera: Vishnu P Nambiar
Still Camera: Rajkumar Samuel
Dancers: Attakkalari Dance Company & Guests 

Special mention: Sthavara-Jangama features poems from the Singing in the Dark anthology edited by K Satchidanandan and Nishi Chawla and published by Penguin Random House. 

Sthavara Jangama.jpg

Sthavara Jangama

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