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An Indo-Japanese multimedia production featuring  Hemabharathy Palani (Bengaluru, India) and Ryu Suzuki (Yokohama, Japan)

MAR 22, 2022 | 07:30 | Inr 200/-

Bangalore international center

-SCAPE explores vignettes from the lives of two individuals who have never met before, except through technology. Chronicling their urge to share their personal memories and experiences of people, objects, places and events through technology while transcending the constraints of geography and language, shines a light on the social fabric of their lives. Journals of loss, shifting perspectives, changing values and snippets of conversations bring out their fears and joys, coalescing segments of time.


This production features Hemabharathy Palani from India and Ryu Suzuki from Japan, and is being co-produced by Japan Foundation (New Delhi) and Attakkalari Centre  for Movement Arts (Bangalore).


96066 00937



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