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Direction: Yone Sung-soo
Second Nature Dance Company 

In his retelling of Sleeping Beauty, director Yone Sung-soo chooses an unconventional approach. He uses inventive choreography while also making the venue a part of the performance.  So as the music and light explode from different parts of the venue, the audience becomes a part of the show. 

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the artistic director and team of Sleeping Beauty. 



Artistic Director & Choreographer : Kim Sung-han

Direction : Yone Sung-soo

Dancers : Kwong Hye-ran, Ahn Eun-ju, Choi Jin-ju, Kang Chun-il, Jeong Chae-min, Kim Bo-ra, Go Dong-min, Kiim Dong-ju

Composer : Seo Hyung-moo

Script : Son Chong-hwan

Technical Director : Yi Dong-min

Video Designer : Yone Min-choul

Lighting Designer : Hwang Jong-ryang

Stage Designer : Han Ji-ho

Dress Designer : Choi In-sook

Photographer : Chung You-suk

Video Record : Kim Jeong-hwan

Promotional Designer : CHOUNG Se-hee

Project, Promotion : Park Ji-hyeon, Jang Yu-in

Producer: Second Nature Dance Company

Supported by: Arts Council Korea, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul Metropolitan Government

Co-commissioned by: Yangcheon Foundation for Arts & Culture


96066 00937



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