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Attakkalari India Biennial 2021/2022 invites interested individuals to engage in methods of documenting, writing, and archiving dance at Writing on Dance Lab, to be held virtually from 8th to 17th of January, 2022. During the lab, the selected participants will be exploring spaces of thinking, articulating, remembering, and reimagining dance, choreography, and performance, through media such as text, sketches, notations, images, sounds, videos, etc. The lab also brings an exciting chance for the selected participants to interact with several international dancers, choreographers, dance/performance collectives, and companies, who will be showcasing their works at the biennial. The participants can expect to receive free passes to the performances, discussions, and other events that will take place at the biennial.



Under the mentorship of acclaimed dance critic and journalist, Melanie Suchy (, and through means of group discussions, peer-reviewing activities and exchange, the participants will be committing towards publishing at least three pieces of their original work in the third volume of Attakkalari’s online journal, Ligament ( In addition to the 10 days lab in January, the selected participants will also be given a few one-on-one mentoring and feedback sessions with Melanie Suchy over the month of February which may be helpful for the participants while they work on developing their after-lab thoughts and responses in their individual time.


Those interested in applying, kindly submit the following to (email address) by 27th December 2021.

  1. A writing sample

  2. Detailed CV

  3. Motivation statement of 1000 words. 

  4. Link to existing publications if any.

  5. A sample of artistic work if any.

The lab will be selecting a total of 8 participants who will receive an honorarium of Rs. 7500/- for their participation. A detailed schedule of the performances and workshops will be shared with the selected participants at the announcement of the final results on 28th of December 2021. 

Register here: 

For more queries, you may write to

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